Join us for a Virtual Tasting

Sit back, relax, and join us for a deep and lively dive into our world… all from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you have a good wi-fi connection. We will walk among the old vines and share our property, history, and philosophy—all while tasting through our award-winning wines with plenty of fun and laughter along the way!

From small in-home gatherings to larger corporate groups, we’ll tailor your experience to ensure it meets the needs of your group. Contact us to get your virtual tasting scheduled and discover how we can connect you to our historic property and share our amazing wines.

To make it easy, we’ve created a selection of tasting packs that we know you’ll love!  If you already know what wines you’d like to purchase for a customized tasting experience, just complete the form and let us know!

Classic Virtual Tasting – $195                  Reserve Virtual Tasting – $245

2018 CHASE Katz  Vineyard Zinfandel                  2018 CHASE Hayne Reserve  Zinfandel

2018 BOURN Sarah’s Petite Blend                           2018 BOURN Luck

2018 CHASE Barberis Petite Sirah                           2018 BOURN Gold Strike

Collector’s Virtual Tasting – $295           Custom Virtual Tasting

2018 CHASE Hayne Reserve Zinfandel                  Price varies with wine selections –

2018 CHASE Hayne Cabernet Sauvignon             Complete the form to get started!

2018 BOURN Luck    


Here's what to expect

This is the basic run-down… we’re always here to guide & assist.

– Take a look at the wine page and choose your favorites, or let us introduce you to our wines with one of our tasting sets – we recommend 2-3 wines, but if your group wants more, no problem!

– Since we’ll be on the internet, the number of people who are able to attend is pretty fluid, so invite your family, good friends, colleagues or clients to participate. Each location receives the same wine to taste and discuss along with us

– Once that’s set, we’ll ship the wine and email Tasting Collateral to everyone, along with some wine handling tips

– The Tasting is an hour (give or take) of interactive virtual fun. Oh, and we truly enjoy questions and comments during and after the tasting, so please don’t be shy!

– Weather permitting, we’ll also take you on a virtual walk into the vineyard and around the property… get ready to have fun!

Schedule your virtual visit today

Please fill out the form below and we’ll follow-up by phone or email to finalize the wine, transit and timing of your tasting