Our Roots: The History of Hayne Vineyard​

In 1848 Captain George Chase and William Bowers Bourn, caught wind of the Gold Rush. The gentlemen were business partners, well-established in New York and not about to let an opportunity pass them by! It was soon decided that the Captain would sail to California with a load of wares for sale. After a 7-1/2 month voyage, around Cape Horn, South America, he arrived into the San Francisco Bay in 1849 to find the rough and muddy, soon-to-be city of San Francisco.

Captain Chase quickly realized that California, primitive as it was with modern amenities, was poised for greatness – and men of a certain mindset were sure to prosper. In short order, WB made his way out west to San Francisco, with his new bride Sarah Chase, the Captain’s daughter, arriving by 1854. The families, now linked by marriage, got to work in the City by the Bay – the Captain kept sailing and WB Bourn involved himself in a plethora of emerging industries – banking, insurance, gold, silver and utilities (to name a few). Several blossomed into lucrative ventures,

including ownership of California’s largest hard-rock gold mine (the Empire Mine, Grass Valley, CA) and San Francisco’s water system (Spring Valley Water Company).

Over the years, the family sought rest and relaxation in the Napa Valley, visiting some of the original hot spring resorts. Given the serenity and beauty of the Valley, it’s easy to understand why WB & Sarah purchased our beautiful vineyard property as a weekend and summer spot in 1872. Just think – our land has been growing grapes for over 150 years! Subsequently, the youngest of their five children, Maud, married William Alston Hayne and it has been known as the Hayne Vineyard ever since.

Long story longer – if it wasn’t for the Captain’s gumption and the Bourn’s hard work and dedication (which many called Luck), we wouldn’t be here today. We take pride in honoring their stories and trust that you feel it with every sip of Chase wine.

Our Roots

The Family Tree

Moments in Time

San Francisco
Captain George Chase arrives in San Francisco
California Bound
William Bowers (W.B.) Bourn and Sarah Esther Chase move West with their family
The Empire Mine - Grass Valley, CA
Bourn's initial investments into the mine, starting in 1852, resulted in controlling interest of the Empire Mine
Purchased Vineyard in St. Helena
William & Sarah are drawn to the valley and decide to purchase after years of visiting White Sulphur Springs Resort, the very first in California
Family Transitions
W.B. Jr inherits the Empire Mine, which becomes the largest hard rock gold strike in California history
Greystone Cellars
Funded by the Bourn Family, construction of Greystone Cellars (now the Culinary Institute of America) begins, establishing the first winery co-op in Napa Valley
Hayne Vineyard Re-planted
Hayne Vineyard re-planted to Zinfandel & Petite Sirah
Chase Cellars Founded
Chase Cellars is founded by Andrew Simpson
Katie takes the wheel
Katie Hayne Simpson
Winemaking reaches new heights
Russell Bevan joins as winemaker and as they say, 'the rest is history... '