Hayne Vineyard

At the foot of the Mayacamas in St. Helena, our historic Hayne Vineyard is home to an array of incredible vines including our 119-year old heritage Zinfandel. These vines are the pinnacle of family and farming that transform our grapes into wines that are living works of art.
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This vineyard has been in our family since 1872 and has been producing grapes for the past 150 years and has been an integral part of the formation of the Napa we know today and has long been a renowned source of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and more recently, Cabernet Sauvignon.

What makes this site so unique is its location and proximity to the mountains which places us in an alluvial fan of gravelly cortina soils which delivers power, balance and elegance to everything that comes out of the vineyard regardless of varietal. Our proximity to Sulphur Canyon, which lies due West of the vineyard, introduces cool air from the marine layer earlier in the afternoon than other vineyards situated further into the floor. This early afternoon cooling juxtaposes mouthwatering acidity and minerality against deep and dense fruit tones derived by midday heat. It’s a one of a kind site and we couldn’t be happier with the results! 

As our family has evolved, so has the site and vines. Currently, 45 acres of vineyard remain from the 120 that were originally purchased by the family and, as we’ve moved down the family tree, the land is now divided amongst three family members. Our dream is to one day produce all the wines from the vineyard but for now, if you’re actively seeking Hayne vineyard wines beyond our label, you can also find it under Turley, Nickel & Nickel, Corison or the Bourn Vineyard in the Beckstoffer portfolio.

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Vineyard Profile

St. Helena AVA

Cortina and gravelly loam

Petite Sirah

Sustainable, Dry Farmed

Rich and balanced with blue fruit in the nose and red fruit on the palate

What does the vine age mean?

Old Vines

Age & Wisdom
These old vines have incredible, almost mysterious qualities — like their ability to preserve beautiful, mouthwatering acidity even with extended hang times. We can achieve ripe, concentrated berries that produce powerful and complex wines without ever compromising balance, or that luminous purity of fruit.

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Young Vines

Lift & Structure
Don’t count the young vines out, though! While they may be young (30 years old) their youth gives them vigor and vibrance that bring these wines to life and make them dance on the palate. Energy, structure and acidity make these grapes a refreshing and integral part of the aging capabilities of our Zinfandel.

We hand harvest and handle our Zinfandel grapes separately by age and sun exposure in order to highlight their nuances and showcase the very best our vineyard has to offer.
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