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Photo from left to right: Alicia, Russell, Alise, Brian, Katie

Jim Munk, Vineyard Manager

There’s a certain swagger the best vineyard managers have. Some combination of the endless miles of dirt they’ve walked in work boots, the Napa sunshine, and being responsible for growing some of the most valuable crops in the world, gives them a bit of a larger than life persona. That pretty much sums up Jim Munk.

Farming heritage vines isn’t like farming a neatly spaced, trellised vineyard. It takes a whole lot more experience, time and patience to get it right. Having spent 30-years managing some of the most iconic vineyards including the famed Monte Rosso, Three Palms and Diamond Mountain, and working with some of Napa’s oldest vines alongside Louis Martini, Jim’s one of the few folks in this country who knows how to really care for our old vines, and make them shine.