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Hayne Vineyard

California Jack Rabbits abound on our little estate, and are an important piece in the ecosystem of our sustainable farming practices. The hare, as it turns out, has had a special significance in the myth, lore, and religion of most of the world’s cultures for thousands of years and, almost universally, is understood to represent luck, artistry, abundance, ambition, rebirth, and virtue, not to mention that it’s also well known for its ability to lead people into magical realms…

The Jack Rabbit (lepus californicus)

From the family leporicea, the California Jack Rabbit is actually a hare, boasting taller hind legs and longer ears than its rabbit cousins. Reaching ground speeds of 40 miles per hour, they can leap more than 10 feet in a single bound, and are famous for their ability to outsmart predators as well as for their breeding prowess (aka libido).